Frequently asked Questions

1. How to apply?
If you are a student of any government medical/engineering/architecture college in Maharashtra then you can directly apply online.

2. Who can apply?
Any student who has secured admission into any government aided medical, engineering or architecture colleges in the state of Maharashtra and who is a domicile of Maharashtra can apply.

3. Which courses are supported by the Foundation?
Only the professional degree courses B.Tech, MBBS, BDS, B.Arch are eligible for Nirav Modi Scholarship for Excellence..

4. When can I apply?
Any student who is in economic need at any given point of time in his academic year can approach Nirav Modi Foundation.

5. Academic eligibility Criteria
NMF primarily looks at the consistency in student’s academic performance. Student’s performance in Std X, Std XII, competitive exams and degree college exams (internal as well as semester/university) is reviewed cumulatively.
Academic criteria is reviewed periodically by the foundation and is solely at the discretion of the Foundation Management.

6. Economic Criteria
• Student needs to establish his/her economic need by providing valid certificates and relevant documents.
• Foundation takes into consideration total family income of the family which includes earnings of every earning member of the family, earning from other sources like agriculture/business/service/rent/etc.
• Where parents of applicants are employees, a salary/pay slip from the employer is mandatory. The salary/pay slip should clearly show the family member's gross monthly salary with full details of his/her basic salary and all allowances and deductions. The employer and the facilitator should certify the salary/pay slip.
• Submission of an Income certificate from a local or other government authority in lieu of a salary/pay slip is not acceptable.
• Where parent(s)/guardian(s) are retirees/pensioners, a pension statement from the pension authority and/or from an authorized bank showing the gross monthly pension of the family member, inclusive of any supplementary allowances and before any deductions is required. Pensioners should also provide documents to show the official status or designation, gross salary drawn at the time of retirement and the name of the employing organization. If the parent/guardian has recently retired under a voluntary retirement scheme, reasons for retirement, and amount of lump sum benefits received on retirement should be disclosed.
• Where parent(s)/guardian(s) are in business or self-employed, income certificate issued by any government authority or the income tax return should be submitted in support of the gross family income specified in the application. Specific details of the nature and size of the business or self-employment should also be provided.
• Where parent(s)/guardian(s) are agriculturists or have farming or cultivation as their source of income, an income certificate from a recognized or competent authority should be submitted. Details of the nature and size of the land holding, crops grown, etc. wet or dry land irrigation should also be provided.
7. Nature of scholarship
Nirav Modi scholarship is a need based scholarship. Every application is scrutinized thoroughly. Once the credentials of the applicant are set, based on the identified need Foundation decides on the support to be provided at a given point of time.

8. Mode of payment
Nirav Modi Foundation directly makes payment to college, hostel or mess contractor by cheque or Demand draft. No cash payment is made to any authority.

9. What is the procedure after the form is submitted?

• Once the form is submitted online, it will be scrutinized.
• After the preliminary scrutiny, selected candidates will be asked to submit attested copies of the required documents to the Foundation office.
• Home visit will be made by the Foundation member to assess the economic need of the applicant.
• Only the shortlisted candidate will be called for a personal interview Mumbai.
• The award of scholarship is solely at the discretion of management and the decision of Selection Committee shall be final.

10. Can I get reimbursement of payment already made to college?
No. Nirav Modi Foundation does not give reimbursement of any expenses incurred by a student for his/her education in the past.

11. Renewal of scholarship
Renewal of the scholarship is based on the performance review after every semester.